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Screen printing involves plastisol ink forced through a range of low mesh screens by a squeegee. The higher the mesh count, the more detail the screen can hold. High-resolution artwork and a proper screen is the base for a quality print. Next, we "burn" the artwork stencil into the screen using an exposure unit. The exposure unit uses an ultra-violet bulb that hardens all the emulsion except where the design is. Lastly, we take it to the washout booth and spray out the design. Leaving a stencil of your artwork allowing the screen to flow with ink.


After the screen is burned, we take it to the press to line up the artwork with registration marks. If we are printing on dark garments, it requires a white "base." Think of the "base" as a primer. The "base" allows the ink color to be true when printing another color on top. 


     The plastisol ink is heated to 320 degrees for 60 seconds in the chamber of the conveyor dryer. This ensures the ink is cured and won't crack or fade away after washing the garment.  After drying, garments are boxed by size and ready for shipment or pick up.


Once the garment has passed through quality inspection to make sure it meets our Stellar standard, we stitch in the size and care tag. The final step before boxing is hand-folding and sealing the garment in a durable plastic wrap. We then gently pack your order and send it via your shipping courier and method of choice.

Let us know if you have any questions about us or our process Quality and timeliness is our priority!

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